Also known as the coldest month in Nebraska (according to my Creative Writing teacher), and it has been a cold month indeed.Woah is this ametaphor, who knows?Anyways, I haven't really been doing much lately, and for various reasons. You see, in between bunches of homework and emotional breakdowns, you don't really have time to do anything.

I did celebrate my Birthday though. Kind of. I really missed the (probably extravagant) birthday party my mum and my friends would have thrown me, and turning 18? Well, I still laugh hysterically whenever I remember the fact that I'm technically an adult.

I did go out with Maddie and Brady, but we didn't really do anything special, and my birthday didn't really feel like my birthday. Not that I didn't have fun or anything, but it was.. I don't really know, whatever.

The birthday gurl. Eighteen HAHAHAAHAHAHHA

Eye had caek it wuz soooh.. medicore. Just kidding, the cake was good.

Mother's Day in Norway came and went, and I spent the day being sorry that I couldn't be with my mum and bake her a cake and give her flowers. Or pretend that I did those things...

Valentine's Day in America is really commercial, just like any other public holiday, and I'm not sure if I like it that much, because I feel like the pressure takes away from the pleasure. Even though I do like chocolate, and getting cute handmade cards from some of my friends was really nice, and it made me forget how insignificant I am for a little while.

It's less than 100 days until I leave this place, and that thought follows me where ever I go. It haunts me. Last night, having kind of panicky thoughts about saying goodbye to everything and everyone, I asked Claire what the hell I'm going to do without her when I leave. Because I feel as if all of this is just going to be another of those stories when I go. That when this chapter is written, I will write no more of any of this place or these people. But Claire, being the incredible person she is, simply replied "Skype, baby girl."

And YES YAS YA. Skype is a wonderful thing. And Claire is right. I've found that Claire is right when it comes to a lot of things.. We can write more chapters, and if we have to do some of them through Skype, okay. Fine. Great! Because that means our story isn't over, and hopefully it won't be until we're old and grey and bitter.

In their natural habitat.

I've recently seen how, sometimes, people is all you need. It's kind of weird, but I've become very close friends with some very astonishing people in a very short period of time. Sometimes, fast friends can end up being the best friends. It's ironic really, because I would never in a million years have said that two years ago. But look at me now!

Woweewow lunch at the dub ft. Madison Nicole ~~

Also this happened the other day. Ask Wyatt for a detailed description of my reaction.

I'm really scared of leaving Lincoln, and my people behind. I'm more scared of going back, than I was when I was leaving my hometown. I think it's because I knew that when I return, things will be more or less the same. People will still be the same people, and life will be what it was before I left. It was guaranteed that I would go back when I departed that airport on that early July morning. It was guaranteed that I would go back. Leaving Lincoln without that same guarantee of going back is so scary and sad and I wish I could just put my favourite Norwegians on a plane, and force them to move to this city. And I would force them to love the city because I love it, and I could show them all of my favourite places and they could meet all my favourite Americans and I could have all my favourite people in one place.

Kristi Pedersen

20.02.2014 kl.09:13

Heeeei :) s fin blogg du har! Det hres kjempe spennende ut :) Jeg skal selv p utveksling skoleret 14/15, til Australia og er skikkelig nervs! haha, men jeg gleder meg mest da! Jeg har akkurat opprettet meg en blogg for skrive om min utvekslingsopplevelse :) det hadde vrt veldig koselig om du hadde hatt lyst ta deg en tur innom bloggen min en gang :) xoxo

Vibeke og Oscar

13.03.2014 kl.20:57

Vi bli med dit vi! Men serist?? Athlete?? HIhihi :)

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