The First Blank Page...

... of a 365 page long book, write a good one."

El oh el, NO.

It doesn't have to be a new year for you or anyone else to start over. You have the choice of starting over every minute of your life. You're not going to see changes in your life unless you go out there and do something to make those changes. Nothing good is ever going to happen if you sit inside your house wishing for your miserable life to be better. Good things does NOT come to those who wait, it comes to the people who go out and earn it.

And for those wondering, I had a nice Christmas. It was kind of weird, but yeah.. Spent a lot of my holiday at school doing tech stuff for theatre, but it's okay because I get to be with amazing people, and I love being with amazing people. I hope you Norwegians have fun at school tomorrow; I'm off until the 6th. Haaaah!


Happy 2014, and may the odds be ever in your favour. ...Wait, what?

01.01.2014 kl.23:59

wise Words...


05.01.2014 kl.23:36

kult tre! godt nyttr vildus <3

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