Your Questions Answered!

Marte asked:

Koss e familien din, kan du fortell litt om dem?
How's your host family, can you tell us about them?

I'm in the process of changing host family, so I don't know yet!

Koss e det ha fag p et anna sprk?
How's it like to have classes in a different language?

As most of you know, I pretty much mastered the whole English thing before I came here, except in my charming British accent. I love having all my classes in English, and can't wait until I get to University, hopefully somewhere in England!

Koss e folk neddi der?
How are people like in America?

Very friendly, pretty easy to talk to, especially once I tell them I'm from Norway. Other than that, they have a very different clothing style than what I'm used to seeing, and they somehow can't seem to understand my sarcasm at times.

Koss bli du behandla p skolen? e det flere utvekslingsstudenta som gr p samme skolen?
How are you treated at school? Are there more exchange students in the same school?

People at Southwest are so incredibly nice and helpful! They're also quite curious about Norway and everything. The teachers are super nice as well. I can't even describe how much I've grown to love this school! And there are four more exchange students, two from Spain, one from Sweden, and one from Chile.

Har du mang kule venna?
Do you have a lot of cool friends?

I wouldn't say I have a ton, but I've never been the girl to have 9834275983274958 friends anyway. But the ones I do have are the most amazing people ever. I love hanging out with them on the weekends, also, my circle of friends is growing wider one person at a time.

E det nnn gutta som har prvd s p d?
Any boys that have made a move on you?

Sadly, no. Hahaha, JK. But no, I haven't noticed anyone paying any extra attention to me or anything. Maybe boys do things differently around here by not talking to you at all? x))

Synes du at du sjl bli forandra av miljet der?
Do you think that you're changing by the different environment?

As much as I'd like to say no, I know that that'd be a lie. We're all constantly changing, by the people we meet, the things we see, and the environment around us. It's impossible for me to say that I have not changed a bit since I came here. And I try to embrace that change, and just naturally let it happen. One year from now, I won't be the same person I was when I left, but that doesn't mean that I will be completely different. I still love the same things I used to before I came here, I've just added more stuff (and people) to the list!

Koss bli du kjent med folk? e det dem som tar initiativ?
How do you get to know people? Are they the ones to take the initiative to talk to you?

I can be a very shy person when I'm put in a new environment with new people, the trick is to not let it get to you. I've been extremely lucky and made most of my friends in my classes, which can be hard because in most classes you don't really interact with other students. Some take initiative to come talk to me, but being an exchange student, you usually can't rely on others to make friends. You have to take initiative to go up and talk to people.

Har det skjedd n flaut neddi der som du vil fortell om?
Anything embarassing happened since you arrived that you want to tell us?

I can't really think of anything on the top of my head. There probably has, I just can't remember it. Luckily, I'm not easily embarrassed.

Koss dato kjm du heim igjen?
What date are you back home?

Expect me back in Norway around the 10th of June. (I think)

Km e den venn som str d nermest av dem amerikanske vennan din?
Who of your American friends do you consider yourself the closest to?

This is a very hard question to answer, because I believe that to have a certain closeness one must have known each other for a bit longer OR getting the other person to know a lot about you in a short amount of time. I have experienced neither so far, but knowing me, that'll change in a couple of months.

Kan du lag ei videodagbok fra en dag i USA? bare film litt og sett sammen s vi fr sj liksom?
Can you make a vlog from one day in the US? Just record a little and edit it so that we can see?

I've been thinking about doing this ever since I came here, and I've never done it. Maybe since you asked, I'll do it some day. If I remember to record...

Aleksandra asked:

Hvordan er det g p skole i utlandet?
How's it like going to school abroad?

It's absolutely amazing. I love my school, the people, the classes, everything! I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Hvordan er det med karakterer?
How is it like with grades and everything?

A through F where A is the best, and F is failing. Then there's the percentage.
A = 100%-90%
B = 89%-80%
C = 79%-70%
D = 69%-60%
F = 59%->
(I think)

Er det slik at man fr drligere karakterer enn i Norge?
Do you tend to get badder grades than in Norway?

The exact opposite. I have better grades than what I've ever had in Norway. But everything is a lot easier here though.

Er det mye lekser slik at du har lite fritid?
Do you have a lot of homework, causing you to have little free time?

I have yet to experience this, so no. I have plenty of time to do whatever I want to and still get my homework done every night.

Hanna wrote:

Har du det bra?
Are you okay?

Right now, with the situation I'm in, things are kind of hard, but overall, I'm doing fine!

E det som forventa s langt?
Everything as expected so far?

I honestly don't know what my expectations were before I came here, sooo..

E du glad for at du for?
Are you happy that you left?

Why, yes I am. Although I miss people back in Norway sometimes, things here are good, and I have no regrets whatsoever for leaving.

Har du opplevd n crazy banana s langt?
Experienced anything crazy so far?

Roca was pretty scary. I don't know if it was crazy enough to mention, but oh well.. Other than that, things have been pretty uneventful... JK, went to John Mayer last night. WOWOWOWOWOOW!!!!!!!!!

E det mang fine gutta der?
Are there many hot guys there?

In my opinion no, but the ones that are hot are wayyy hot, and I'm okay with that! Haha

Kan du send heim en til m?
Can you send one in the post to Norway?

I don't know how the boy would feel about that. Maybe if he gives me his consent.

Ska du feir halloween?
Are you going to celebrate Halloween?

Read about my Halloween celebration more in one of the questions below!

Ka ska du kle d ut som?
What are you gonna dress up as?

Didn't dress up.

Har dokk snn homecoming?
Do you guys have Homecoming?

Yes, we do. I think it was in September sometime. I did go, and it was nothing like in the films. But I got to wear a dress, so I'm not complaining.

Ka savne du mest i norge av ting og mat og snn?
What do you miss the most about Norway?

MY PEOPLE! OH MY HOW I MISS MY PEOPLE I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU ALL AGAIN IT'LL BE SOON I PROMISE. Other than that I miss my Mum's cooking, aaaand my favourite candy and Norwegian milk chocolate of course.

Ka e egentlig en grow-a-boyfriend?
What exactly is a "grow-a-boyfriend"?

OMG, what a great question. I was randomly popping into this sweet shop near my school not long after I arrived in Lincoln, and I found this weird toy thingy in the shape of a naked boy that grows to five times its size when you put it in water for some hours. I laughed so hard the cashier asked me what was wrong, I replied "nothing" before casually making my way towards the doors thinking "only in America..."

Do you love me?

Yes, chummy, I do I do I do! I love you to the moon and back <3

Sigrun asked:

Koss har folk behandla d? E dem imtekommende?
How have people treated you? Are they welcoming?

People are SO kind. I mention that a lot, but it's so true. They're very welcoming, at least the people I've met, and they treat me like one of their own.

Koss forskjella e det p skolen der og i Norge?
What are the differences between school in the US and school in Norway?

Easier classes. Less free time in between classes. Six minutes, plus a thirty minute lunch tucked somewhere in there. School is more formal. We address our teacher by Ms, Mr, or Mrs. followed by their last name. There are stricter rules on how to dress which nobody seems to actually care about. When we have fire drills, they always makes sure to tell us beforehand, so the whole point about fire drils are just gone. Go figure. And then we have the school spirit. GO HAWKSSSS!

Koss e maten? Savne du norsk mat?
How's the food? Do you miss Norwegian food?

Faaaast food full of fat. JK, the food is decent. I do not like the school lunches at all, so I always bring my own (or head out to Jimmy John's with Sami when we're feeling extra cool). I don't particularly miss Norwegian food, but I do miss my mum's cooking..

E status viktig p skolen?
Is status important at school?

I haven't noticed anything so far, so I don't think so.. Hopefully it isn't..

E det snn inndeling i gruppa p skolen? (haha tenke p mean girls)
Are there "cliques" at school? (Reffering to Mean Girls)

AHOY FAVOURITE FILM!! To answer your question, I feel like there are to a certain point, but a lot less recognisable than in the film. We have our choir kids, band kids, the cheerleaders, the football guys, and so on..

Koss stil har folk og snn? Bra? Drlig?
What style does people have fashion wise? Good? Bad?

If you're following me on twitter, you've already seen my tweets about what's going on in the fashion world here in Lincoln. And in my opinion, it's terrible. Sorry for being honest guys, but there really is no other way to put it. Luckily for me though, there are some people at Southwest who know how to dress, aaand I always appreciate people with great style. Again people, this is just my opinion, and I'm not trying to offend anyone.

Thea asked:

Hvordan var din halloween-opplevelse?
How was your Halloween experience?

I spent Halloween night at my friend Sami's house with some other people. We rented some scary films, and waited for our pizza that never came because, apparently, Pizza Hut was out of pizza boxes.... So that was a rather miserable night. (We had to order from a different place, so we got our pizza eventually)

Lars asked:

Kan kom til d spis smash og brownies nr du kjm heim?
Can I come to your house and eat smash and brownies when you come home?

But of course, I'm looking forward to this already!

Har du endra synet ditt p USA etter dem mnedan du har bodd der no?
Since you moved to the USA, have your view on the country changed?

Definitely. But more so the country I come from. I used to be that person that would do anything to get out. Leave. Escape. Okay maybe I'm still that person since all I really want to do is move to England and never go back to Norway again. BUT back to what I was saying. I used to not be proud of being Norwegian. Now I am the proudest Norwegian citizen ever and I think Norway is amazing and beautiful and I am so in LOVE with my country!

And for a more in depth answer to the question, America is no longer the ultimate dream in my eyes. Remember when all I wanted to do was to travel to the US? All the thought and expectations I used to have. They're not there anymore. It's not that this isn't an awesome country because it is, but then again it isn't. It's kind of hard to explain it.. Idk, it's just a lot different actually living here than being on a holiday!

Sorry for the awfully long post, but thanks to all the six people who asked me questions. (Four of them being my closest friends)


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