Since Last Time

I went to the Homecoming dance. It was not at all the same as in films, but I got to buy a new dress and shoes, so it was okay. Axton and I are best friends, and the only blondes in the family. My obsession with the moon still exists. People at Starbucks never spell my name correctly. The Hawks beat Southeast at their own homecoming game, it was awesome,and I FORGOT to take a single picture.Kailey and I went to see the Autumn musical, The Secret Garden at my school. It was incredible, because they spoke in a British accent for over two hours. My dad sent me my favourite candy in the post. Amy and I went shopping for clothes more suited for Autumn. (And maybe I got a dress, sorry Mum...) I still need to pick up some shoes, and maybe a scarf. And I also need to go shopping for Christmas presents soon.Holy cow, where did time go?

I have learned a lot over the past couple of months, the most important thing probably being that "home is where your Mum is."Or Mom, as it's written here in Uhmericaa. I've also learned that time flies by rather quickly when you're in the company of cool Americans. And there are so many of them here, and all of them are my favourite.


29.09.2013 kl.20:52

h, sjalu! Hpe du kose d <3

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