Southwest High School

(ED: This will be my second post in English, and after many heated discussions with my friends (Sigrun), I've decided to write in Norwegian, at least most of the time. Oh, and I also wrote this post before discussing it, and I'm too lazy to translate it into Norwegian.)

While I'm in Nebraska, I'll be attending Lincoln Southwest High School, which is a public school located only five minutes from where I'll be living. The school has about 1,900 students, the school's colours are forest green and silver, and their mascot is the Silverhawk. The school opened in 2002, which makes it a relatively new school, and I'm super excited about that! Classes offered at Lincoln Southwest range from Japanese to psychology to art. In other words, an interesting selection. I'm not sure which classes I'll be taking yet, but I really want to study English literature, psychology, sociology and biology. And I also have to take some sort of History course and Spanish, plus some sort of math class and probably PE..

As we all have seen from American teen movies, High School Spirit is in the everyday lives of students. At Southwest High you can attend many different sports, for example golf, track and field, and of course football! Not only does the school have a great variation when it comes to sports, but it also offers a lot of differet teathre and music programs, which is perfect for me. I'm thinking about maybe joining a dance or a drama club, but I'm not quite sure yet. I highly doubt I'll be enrolled in some sort of sport, because that's not really my thing.

Go Sliverhawks!

My school's logo, which has a scary resemblance to Slytherin's house crest. (As a HUGE Harry Potter fan, I find this pretty awesome!)

I've also e-mailed the schools principal, just to get some basic information regarding classes and prom/graduation. As an American student, prom and graduation are things that they are most likely to experiance, but as an exchange student, that's not the case. Not every school lets you attend prom and graduation like the American students. I think this has something to do with the amount of different classes required in order to graduate. The cold hard truth, right at you. Just kidding, but let's be honest, every exchange student has a dream about experiencing graduation and prom. Luckily for me, the school's principal said that they'll let me graduate, and I'll get to throw a forest green grduation cap in the air at the end of my school year. JUST like in all of the movies, you guys!!! Thinking about it now, I'm only excited, but It'll probably be a bit sad standing there and actually GRADUATING. Because graduating is a synonym for end of school. And end of school is a synonym for going home. (This is me overthinking everything, I'm sorry!)

I'll probably write a more detailed post about school, classes, scheduels and holidays once I start. Until then, this will have to do.

See y'all in August, Silverhawks!



23.06.2013 kl.00:07

Ta m med :-(


23.06.2013 kl.01:08

Glede m s my til kom p besk!! hh, du kjms til f det s syyykt, herregud! :-D <3

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