Norwegian vs. English

Bear with me on this one, guys. Most of you already know that I enjoy writing in English a LOT better than in Norwegian. And lets face it, I'm going to the US for a year and I want the people I meet over there to understand what I write on this blog, so I might as well get used to writing in English. I just hope that when I come back for my 3rd year in Norway, I'll be able to deal with the Norwegian we have to learn in school. Fingers crossed!

As for the last few weeks, a couple of big things have happened. I travelled to Oslo last weekend to get my visa, and to attend the Preparation Weekend that EF held for their exchange students. I met a lot of awesome people there, and I hope that I'll meet them again for the Language and Culture Camp. We learned so many useful and interesting things, that I highly believe all of us will benefit from.

Go team pink!! (Yes, that's me with the crazy amount of curly, (golden-ish?) blonde hair!)

I've also talked a lot to my host mom on facebook, and I've even skyped with all of them (exept my host dad) once! Jada and Kenzie are the sweetest of girls, and little Axton is just adorable. My host mom, Jessica, seems like the coolest mom EVER! They also have two dogs, one of which is a small, white creature, and the other is a bit bigger. You can only imagine all the cuddling we will do. Kenzie also has a lizard, which I think is awesome for a five year old, especially when you compare it to the pets of other five year old girls, which tends to go along the lines of cat, bunny, dog, dog, cat etc.! By skyping with them, we also found out that Jada and I have quite a lot of things in common. For instance, both of us love ice cream, so I expect us to share some memorable moments together over some ice cream. At the start of our skype session, Axton was napping, but he woke up, so Jada brought him to the camera, and he sat there staring at me for a long time, he looked almost enchanted. That, or he thought I looked weird. Either way, he seems like the most charming little boy. Needless to say, I'm really looking forward to becoming a part of their family :-)

Also, I'm fully aware that I don't blog very often, but you can find me on other social networking sites, such as twitter, facebook and tumblr. I update them more frequently, so feel free to add/ follow me :-)

T-minus 48 days left!


Lena Nicoline

06.06.2013 kl.21:00

Jeg skal ogs bo i Nebraska! :D


06.06.2013 kl.23:27

Lena Nicoline: S gy! Hvor i Nebraska, kanskje vi mtes? :)

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